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Last Update : October 21, 1998

BLOODTHIRSTY demons have entered this realm.

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October 21 - 1998

I have just been informed that my maps page has gone defunct, probably due to a mistake by yours truly.  I have posted a good list of sites that have plenty of maps to keep you occupied for the moment.

November 11

Sorry about the lack of updates, I've been so busy with other projects like my new Quake 2 Page. I also have another announcement to make, I will NOT be accepting anymore maps or files because my ISP is only providing 2 megs of web space to me now :(. So until I find an alternate source of web space, I will have so stop making new maps available. I would like to thanks everyone for sending in maps that I have not posted, I do have them stored away for safe keeping and I WILL post them when I get some more space. Thanks.

September 16

Check back later for a new update! I have a TON of maps that I have looked over and they are ready to be put on my page! Check back in a few days if your interested.

July 9

Take a look at the MAPS section to see all the new maps that I have added. They are getting better and better as time goes on. I have also added descriptions to each of the maps!

June 1

I have added more maps to the maps section. Keep up the good work!

May 26

I have added the first maps to the MAPS section! They are not too bad for the first that I've seen. Keep the maps coming!

May 23

I am very sorry about the large gap between this update and the last one. I hope I can keep up now that school is almost out.

April 24

The enhanced map editor for BLOOD has been released. To grab a copy click HERE! You have to read through the liscence text to find out how to install the program.

April 20

I have finished the secrets section of my page. Check it out by clicking HERE. A SUPER SECRET section is now in the works. If you know of any super secrets, feel free to E-MAIL them to me.

April 13

The Bleeding Pit has been added to the links section. Check it and all the other ones out in the links section!

April 10

Added some links and updated some various things.

April 8

I finally got to update the page! I have added Phantom Express to the secrets section.I also added N A I L H E A D' S Blood Site to the links section..


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"Wrong," said Marvin. "You see?"
The mattress was much impressed by this and realized that it was in the presence of a not unremarkable mind.
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