========== Mapedit Editing and Effects ===========
=== Part 2 - Triggers, Motion Effects, Other Features === 
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= Triggers = 
[_Triggers_] [_A_switch_] [_An_event_] [_Commands_] 
= Motion Effects = 
[_Swinging_doors_] [_Double_swing_doors_] [_Swinging_Gates_] [_'Doom'_doors_] [_Portcullis_] [_'Star_Trek'_Doors_] [_Locking_Doors_] 
[_Elevators_] [_Rotating_Sectors_] [_Sliding_Sectors_] [_Bookcase_] [_Conveyors_] [_Panning_&_Wind_] [_Earthquake_] [_Exploding_walls_]
= Other Features = 
[_Room_over_Room_] [_Sector_Stacking_] [_Water_] [_Bobbing_Water_] [_Underwater_] [_Teleporters_] [_Mirrors_] [_Lighting_] [_Respawning_] [_Player_Starts_] [_Secret_Areas_] [_End_Level_]
===== Triggers =====

Triggers -

A switch - An event - Commands -  

=== Motion Effects ===

Doors: Swinging doors, Double swing doors, Swinging Gates, 'Doom' doors, Portcullis, 'Star Trek' Doors, Locking Doors
Motion: Elevators, Rotating Sectors, Sliding Sectors, Bookcase, Conveyors, Panning and Wind, Earthquake, Exploding walls.


Swinging Doors -

Double Swinging Doors - Swinging Gates - 'Doom' Doors - Portcullis - 'Star Trek' Doors - Locking Doors - To lock with a switch [see: Triggers]


Elevators -

Rotating Sectors - Sliding Sectors - Sliding Bookcase - Conveyors - Panning and Wind - Earthquake - Exploding Walls -  

=== Other Features ===

Room over Room, Sector Stacking, Water, Bobbing water, Underwater, Teleporters, Mirrors, Lighting, Respawning, Single & Multiplayer, Secret areas, End Level.

Room over Room -

Sector Stacking - Water - Bobbing water - Underwater - Teleporters - Mirrors - Lighting - ReSpawning Dudes - Single Player, Multiplayer - Secret Areas - End Level -  
BLOOD and MAPEDIT by Monolith. BUILD by Ken Silverman. 
This Help File was written by Michael Shire, Aug. 1997. (Version.1) 
Thanks to the Excellent team at Monolith for the best 3D game to date! Also to the writers of previous FAQ's... 
John Chapman, Arjan Van Rossen, Mark Dickneite, Craig Duckett, Jonathan Johnson, Ben Allaire 
Within this document I document some of the Special Effects and Traps used in Blood. Included are previously overlooked effects and detailed listings to make actual objects. 
Previous to using this document you should read the "MAPEDIT README File" released with Blood, Copyright (c) 1994-97 Monolith Productions - additional documentation by Kenneth Silverman. This is the first source for info and I'll frequently use shortcuts to commands you would have read from there.
Also keep my Mapedit Quick Reference nearby. It outlines all the keys you can use in both 2D and 3D mode. ** Throughout this document, I'll use round brackets() to denote a keyboard press like (space bar) or (Ctrl-g). Let's start with a basic tutorial........
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