========== Mapedit Editing and Effects ===========
====== Part 1 - Getting Started, Basic Editing ====== 
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I N D E X ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 
= Getting Started = 
[_Installation_] [_Extract the maps_] [_Run Mapedit_] 
= Basic Editing = 
[_Outer loops_] [_Vertices_] [_Movement_] [_Inner_loops_] [_Circles_] [_Splitting_] [_Deleting_] [_Joining_] [_Copying_] [_Dragging_] [_Properties_] 
[_Movement_] [_Textures_] [_Elevations_] [_Tilting_] [_Shading_] [_Panning_] [_Parallaxing_]
= Sprites: Types = 
[_Sprites_] [_Attributes_] [_Properties_] 
= Sectors: Types = 
[_Z-Motion_] [_Z-Motion_Sprite_] [_Warp_] [_Teleporter_] [_Path_Sector_] [_Step_Rotate_] [_Slide_Marked_] [_Rotate_Marked_] [_Slide_Sector_] [_Rotate_Sector_] [_Damage_Sector_] [_Counter_Sector_]
==== Getting Started ====

Installation -

Extract the games levels - Run Mapedit -
==== Basic Editing ====

2D Mode: Outer loops, Vertices, Movement, Inner loops, Circles, Splitting, Deleting, Joining, Copying, Dragging.
3D Mode: Movement, Textures, Elevations, Tilting, Shading, Panning, Parallaxing.
Sprites: Types, Attributes, Properties. Sectors: Types

= 2D MODE = Construction and Foundations

Outer loop -

Vertices - Movement - Inner loops - Circles - Splitting - Deleting - Joining - Copying - Dragging - Properties -
= 3D MODE = Set decorating and lighting

Place your cursor within the sector and press (RMB). This is your 3D mode location, and you can go to 3D mode , and back to 2D mode, by pressing (Enter) on the KEYPAD or (Right Enter).
You can lock your selection in 3D mode by holding down the (LMB). This works for ceilings, floors, sprites, and walls. This is a neccessary feature as sometimes you can not keep the sector in view, such as when you are raising a ceiling past your sight for example.

Movement -

Textures - Elevations - Tilting - Shading - Panning - Parallaxing -
= SPRITES = The furniture, props, and the actors

Sprites can be placed in the map in 2D or 3D mode. These are the decorations, enemies, weapons, etc. that enliven and decorate the map.

Press (S) to place a sprite. You will be presented with a display of all sprites currently in the level. Pressing (V) will display the entire art file. If you point the cursor at a wall and press (S), you will place a wall sprite. Pointing at a floor or ceiling will place a face sprite. Note that display of sprites in use will only show sprites of the same type (i.e. face, wall, or flat).

(Alt+S) = Insert a sprite from a menu: Enemy, Weapon, Ammo, Item, Hazard, Misc. Choose cancel or hit Esc to abort. Special items, such as weapons, enemies, ammunition, and hazards are available in the pop-up menu. Press (Alt-S) and choose the class you want by mouse-clicking on the box or pressing the underlined letter (i.e. 'E' for enemies).

Sprites can be stretched (2,4,6,8), reset (/), moved up and down (PgUp) and (PgDn), moved to the ceiling or floor with (Shift-PgUp) or (Shift-PgDn), Copied and pasted with (Tab) and (Return).Types -

Attributes - Properties -
= SECTORS = Types

You can bring up the Sector Dialog Box at the bottom of the screen with (Alt-F5).

Types - Z-Motion, Z-Motion Sprite, Warp, Teleporter, Path Sector, Step Rotate, Slide Marked, Rotate Marked, Slide, Rotate, Damage Sector, Counter Sector.

600: Z Motion -

602: Z Motion Sprite - 603: Warp - 604: Teleporter - 612: Path Sector - 613: Step Rotate - 614: Slide Marked - 615: Rotate Marked - 616: Slide - 617: Rotate - 618: Damage Sector - 619: Counter Sector -

Save Often - To know your progress I recommend saving them with numerical increments... ex. Room01.map , Room02.map, etc. If you make a fatal mistake you always can go back !!

Left Mouse Button - Used in 2D and 3D you press and hold to lock your selection. It is used to select the vertexes in 2D, and for any surface or sprite in 3D. This makes editing way easier.

BLOOD and MAPEDIT by Monolith. BUILD by Ken Silverman. 
This Help File was written by Michael Shire, Aug. 1997. (Version.1) 
Thanks to the Excellent team at Monolith for the best 3D game to date! Also to the writers of previous FAQ's... 
John Chapman, Arjan Van Rossen, Mark Dickneite, Craig Duckett, Jonathan Johnson, Ben Allaire 
Within this document I document some of the Special Effects and Traps used in Blood. Included are previously overlooked effects and detailed listings to make actual objects. 
Previous to using this document you should read the "MAPEDIT README File" released with Blood, Copyright (c) 1994-97 Monolith Productions - additional documentation by Kenneth Silverman. This is the first source for info and I'll frequently use shortcuts to commands you would have read from there.
Also keep my Mapedit Quick Reference nearby. It outlines all the keys you can use in both 2D and 3D mode. ** Throughout this document, I'll use round brackets() to denote a keyboard press like (space bar) or (Ctrl-g). Let's start with a basic tutorial........
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