The Ultimate Blood Mapedit Suite
Mapedit Readme (the Official FAQ by Ken Silverman) 
Michco's MapEdit Quick Reference 
Part 1 - Basic Editing, Sprites, Sectors 
Part 2 - Motion Effects, Other Features 
Part 3 - Special Effects, Traps, Sounds
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Here's a series of maps that I've completed Feb,1998.....
Legend of Ravenloft. 
A story told through the game Blood.
"The dark forests of Barovia are filled with wolves and other creatures that roam at night. Nearby are the Svalich woods, wherein Madam Eva and her troupe of gypsies have camped. Madame Eva can foretell the future for the adventurers, and only they can pass beyond the gates to escape Barovia. 
"The village of Barovia is mostly closed, for the night belongs to Strahd and his creatures. The citizens now barricade themselves in at night and hide trembling behind closed doors. 
"Far above the village sits Castle Ravenloft, Strahd's home. It is a fortress from which thousands of bats fly at night looking to feed. Sometimes even Strahd, the villagers fear, must fly with them. 
"The adventurers have been led to this land. As they enter his domain a wry, twisted smile appears on the Count's face. He watches from his castle as his dark plan unfolds. He is the master of Ravenloft, and so he sends his wolves to guide these strangers to his castle....." 
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