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Before we start I would like to thank Andrew,Greg and Angela for some of the secrets area's.

Well here it goes!:

Health & Armor
Power-Ups & Iventory Items
Keys & Puzzles
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Boosts your health by 20 points, up to 100.

Life Seed
Adds 100 points to your health, up to 200 total.

Body Armor
Adds 100 body armor.

Fire Armor
Adds 100 fire resistant armor, which is useful against flares, flaming
aerosol, and the residual effects of dynamite and napalm.

Spirit Armor
Adds 100 spiritual armor, which will absorb damage from the Voodoo Doll and
Life Leech.

Super Armor
Adds 200 points of body, fire, and spirit armor.

Basic Armor
Adds 50 of each type of armor


Death Mask
Provides temporary invulnerability to all attacks. Note that you are still
susceptible to physics, which means a dynamite blast may hurl you off a cliff.

Guns Akimbo
Gives you double-fisted killing power with one-handed weapons, such as the
shotgun, flare gun, and Tommy gun.

Crystal Ball (Press "C" to activate)
In BloodBath, this powerup enables you to see your enemies regardless of
where they are. Cycle through your foes by repeatedly hitting the hotkey or
Enter. To deactivate the crystal ball and save it for later, scroll through
all opponents and it will turn off.

Beast Vision (Press "B" to activate)
You'll no longer need to fear the creatures  in the dark.

Dr.'s Bag (Press "M" to activate)
Will restore up to 100 points of health when activated. The unused medicine
will remain in your inventory until used up. Keep this item handy!

Jump Boots (Press "J" to activate)
Enable you to jump much higher than normal. Useful for those hard to reach
places or crossing chasms the easy way.

Reflective Shots
This powerup causes bullets to bounce back at your attacker.  You are still
susceptible to flares and explosives, so be careful

KEYS AND PUZZLES Some areas are accessible only with special keys hidden in each level. Others require you to solve a puzzle, such as restoring power to an area or providing a specific combination. While you can often guess combinations through trial and error, we have provided clues for you if you look carefully. THE KEYS Skull Key Eye Key Flame Key Moon Key Spider Key Dagger Key TOP

ENEMIES Puzzles are only part of the challenge ahead. Tchernobog's minions are everywhere, for they know the goal of your quest and will stop at nothing to stop you. Rats While not the deadliest of creatures, these little fiends can be quite hazardous if they mob you, which is their preferred mode of attack. Bats Bats have a nasty tendency of getting in your face when you're trying to get a bead on deadlier creatures. Take care of them quickly if you know what's good for you. Spiders Don't be fooled-spiders are dangerous enemies. The little red ones pack a poison that will blur your vision. The larger green ones can blind you completely for a short time. The poison is cumulative, so the more they bite, the worse the side effects. Zombies These hardy undead menaces move more swiftly than you might expect. Take them out before they get close or you'll taste their rusty axe blades. Also, just because they're down doesn't mean they're dead-make sure they're down for the count before you move on. Bloated Butchers Slower and more deliberate than their axe-wielding comrades, are much tougher to kill. You'll have to dish out a lot of abuse before they go down. Beware of the foul goo they vomit at you, for it is both corrosive and unpleasant smelling. Cultists Tchernobog's human soldiers are accurate and deadly. Wielding shotguns these robed menaces give you a good fight. They may also lob dynamite at you from time to time, so listen for the telltale hiss and be ready to dive for cover. Fanatics These Tommy Gun packin' keepers of the dark faith want to spill your precious life blood. Keep your ears tuned for the deadly sounds of dynamite as they sometimes offer explosives instead. Gargoyles Your first encounter with a gargoyle will teach you to keep an eye turned skyward. They are as tough to kill as they are vicious. They hurl sharp bones at you from afar or swoop in to rake at you with their talons. Stone Gargoyles Stone gargoyles are nigh invulnerable. Bullets bounce off their brittle hides and flames find little purchase. You'll have to be resourceful to survive an encounter with one of these monstrosities. Hell Hounds These fire-breathing mastiffs are swift and deadly. If they get close to you, their powerful jaws will make quick work of you, so keep your distance. . . if you can. Bone Eels Though somewhat timid, bone eels will dart at you the moment you turn your back. They make up in ferocity what they lack in fortitude. Gill Beasts If you have to face a gill beast in the water, you're in big trouble. While slow and ponderous above water, in their element they are vicious adversaries. Choking Hands The corpses that the minions of Tchernobog use to make zombies aren't always in the best of shape. Sometimes, only a limb is salvageable. Usually, the Cabal's surgeons can fashion various bits and pieces into a serviceable undead soldier, but certain leftover parts can be effective all on their own. If one of these horrors gets hold of you, you've got to push it off before you can kill it. Phantasms These restless phantoms harvest the souls of their victims with vicious scythes. Because they exist more in the land of the dead than the world of the living, they are only vulnerable when attacking. Watch for them to solidify before striking or your ammo and effort will be wasted. Cheogh Cheogh rules over all gargoyles, but he has long yearned to hold higher rank in Tchernobog's army. His jealousy toward the Chosen was never kept secret. Now that you have been cast from Tchernobog's graces, envy has boiled into sheer abiding hatred. He will be anxious to meet you again and express his feelings for you. Shial, Mother of Spiders The spider demon Shial makes her lair deep within the earth in the frozen North. Surrounded by her arachnid spawn, she skulks through darkness, feeding on those hapless souls who stumble into her cavernous labyrinth or are brought there by her loyal children. Those who fall victim to her learn of true agony as she digests them alive. Cerberus Named for the mythical guardian of the gates of Hell, this two-headed firebreathing demon abides in a dark, sulfurous den, hidden to the world of mortals. Ferocious and nigh invulnerable, Cerberus is the deadliest adversary you will face aside from Tchernobog himself. Remember that you must destroy both heads in order to defeat him. Tchernobog His name is spoken only in whispers, for it is said that his interest is easily roused. Those who peer fully into his smoldering gaze are condemned to madness and death. You must find him before his powers become complete if you are to stand a chance. Even then, defeating him will require all your strength and ingenuity. TOP

WEAPONS Tchernobog's minions are as well armed as they are belligerent, so you will need to gather an arsenal of your own in order to defeat them. Each weapon has a primary fire and an alternate fire, and many can be powered up with the Guns Akimbo bonus. Pitchfork This handy tool can be very effective if you can get close enough to your foes to use it on them. It doesn't need ammo, so you'll always have it to fall back on if you need it. Ammo: None Flare Gun Fires burning projectiles that lodge easily in flesh and continue to burn for a short period of time. Unless you dive into water, you'll take damage until the flare burns itself out, by which time it may be too late. The alternative fire launches a starburst flare that douses a large area with flames. Can provide effective crowd control. Ammo: Flares Sawed-Off Shotgun A trusty companion if ever there was one. It doesn't have great range, but it packs a hell of a wallop up close. Can be fired either a barrel at a time or both at once for extra damage. Ammo: Shotgun shells Thompson's Machine Gun The Tommy Gun is a favorite of the Cabal for its rapid rate of fire and impressive accuracy. On the down side, it chews up ammo quickly. The alternative mode is a strafing attack that covers a wider area with twice as many bullets, which is an effective way to clear out a room. Ammo: Bullet drums Dynamite Bundles Light one up and chuck it at a group of zombies and you'll be rewarded with red rain and chunks of rotted flesh on the brim of your hat. The longer you hold down the fire button, the farther you'll throw the bundle. Watch the meter on the status bar to gauge the distance. The primary mode explodes on impact, while the alternative mode will burn all the way down before it explodes, making for some interesting traps. Ammo: Dynamite bundle Remote Detonators Remotes work like dynamite bundles, except that you can detonate them at will. You can bounce them off walls or ceilings if you're afraid to peek around a corner. The alternative fire drops a remote at your feet, and you can hit the alt-fire key again to place additional remotes without detonating those you've already placed. Ammo: Remote detonator Proximity Detonators These are by far the nastiest explosives you'll come across. You can scatter them around and concern yourself with other matters. As soon as someone steps near one, you'll hear a far-off boom and accompanying shrieks of agony. Use the alt-fire to drop them at your feet. Also, remember where you've dropped proximities or you may fall prey to your own trap. Ammo: Proximity detonator Incinerator This monstrous weapon launches a huge ball of flaming napalm at an extremely high velocity. If the initial explosion doesn't kill your enemy, the burning probably will. Best used with extreme caution, especially in tight areas. The alt-fire launches several napalm projectiles, covering a wider area but also chewing up a lot more ammo. Ammo: Gasoline cans Voodoo Doll The power of the voodoo doll is immense, but far subtler than that of a firearm. Ammo: Voodoo doll Aerosol Can Hairspray may not seem like the most daunting weapon, but apply it to a cigarette lighter and you've got an instant flamethrower (don't try this at home). While its range is rather limited, its effectiveness is quite impressive. You can also light one up like a Molotov cocktail and toss it into a group of adversaries. Hit alt-fire a second time after igniting a can to drop it at your feet-it will explode once it burns down. Tesla Cannon This powerful prototype weapon packs a mighty load of amperage. Nikola Tesla would be proud. Life Leech This artifact draws its power from the life energy of your foes. Run low on ammo and it saps your own strength! TOP

Q: What is "Blood"?

A: To date, Blood is the latest in a long line of Doom clones, i.e.
first-person perspective 3D shootemups. Blood is written by a team
at Monolith Productions, and uses a modified version of the Build
engine designed by 3D-Realms which was used for Duke Nukem 3D among others.

Q: What cheats are there?

A: Blood has more cheat codes than I've ever seen in any game. Some of them
have duplicated effects, and some of them, despite being recognised by the
game, don't actually appear to do anything. To enter a cheat code, you must
press 'T' to go into talk mode, then type in the code and press ENTER.
Cheating will cause the game to not tell you how many kills or secrets there
should be on that level, or how many of each you have managed to achieve.
Unless you have ver 1.11 but it will still say: "YOU CHEATED!"
(Note cheating is not cool, and you should only use
cheats if you can't get any further!)


Here they all are:


BUNZ All Weapons, Ammo and Guns Akimbo.
CALGON Level Warp.
CAPINMYASS Disable God Mode.
COUSTEAU 200 health. Scuba suit.
EDMARK Displays "Those were the days".
EVA GALLI Toggle Clipping.
FORK BROUSSARD No Ammo, Armor or Items. 1 Health. Delirium.
GOONIES Gives you the full map of the level.
IDAHO All Ammo & Weapons.
JOJO Delerium.
KRUEGER Sets you on fire. Displays "Flame Retardant".
LARA CROFT All Weapons & Infinite Ammo. Displays "Lara Rules."
MCGEE Sets you on fire. Displays "You're Fired".
MONTANA All Ammo, Weapons and Items.
ONERING Invisibility.
RATE Displays current framerate.
SATCHEL All Items.
SPIELBERG Level Warp. Disables all cheats.
SPORK 200 Health.
STERNO Temporary Blindness.
TEQUILA Guns Akimbo.
VOORHEES Displays "I will not cheat, I will not cheat" and if
repeated "I am a compulsive cheater"


Q: What are the secrets

A: Secrets in Blood, as with Duke-3D, Quake and presumably others, are
areas that aren't usually in the direct path required to be taken to
complete a level, and often will require looking in odd places, getting to
hard to reach spots and trying to open every wall you see.
Here are the list of currently known secrets known to me.

Episode 1:

Mission 1 - Cradle to Grave:

Secrets: 11

#1 After climbing out of the grave, immediately in front of you is a
piece of metallic wall curving outwards towards you. Open this and it
slides around to reveal a box of TNT.

#2 After stepping outside of the doors where you meet your first
zombie, turn back towards the doors and "open" the bushes to the left
of the door, it will slide up revealing the empty grave of one Eric
Draven and a shield.

#3 Downstairs there is another graveyard with a tomb with "In
loving memory" on the side of it, on top of this is the "Guns Akimbo"
powerup. There are 2 ways of getting to this. Either jump on top of the
nearest tombstone and jump onto the top of the tomb, or you can jump out of
the window later on and walk across the top of the fence, jumping over the
gap in the middle. Using this powerup with the alternate fire mode of the
shotgun (both barrels) means instant death for all but the toughest enemies.

#4 In the altar-room with the "rest in pieces" sign on the far
wall, walk straight down the middle of the room towards this sign,
and the altar will slide forward revealing a few rats and a box of flares.

#5 Behind the curtains in the altar-room is a piano-organ, active
this and a small panel slides up in front of you revealing a "Beast

#6 In the morgue, just opposite the window with the 2 bundles of
TNT in front of it, is a door with a crack in it. Blow it up with
TNT to reveal some armor.

#7 Around the other side after blowing up 2 TNT barrels, another
empty wall-coffin appears with some rats and some fire armor in it.

#8 In the crematorium, after you have the fire armor, run down
the conveyor into the fire, grab the life-seed and then run out the side.

#9 Along the wall beside the shelves in the crematorium there is a
saw, use this and the shelves slide sideways revealing a hidden
compartment with some flares.

#10 Near the end of the level a zombie climbs out of a stone coffin,
behind the lid to this coffin is another secret area with some flares.

#11 When you're just out of the tomb on the left hand side there's another tomb open that and you'll find some flares. Submited by Greg and Angela Enright.

Mission 2 - Wrong side of the tracks

Secrets : 9

#1 In the train station, after answering the "Hugh Jass" phone, the 4th
phone to your right hides a secret hole with some armor.

#2 In the kitchen, blow up the fire extinguisher to get some flares.

#3 Also in the kitchen, open the cupboard/fridge and push the button
with the handprints on it to open another secret area in the room that
blowing up the fire extinguisher opened which has a cloak of invisibility
in it.

#4 Going up the left-hand stair case above the ticket booth, there are
some windows, break one and jump onto the ledge to get a life-seed.

#5 In the room at the end of the stairs, there is a picture on the
open this to reveal a Guns Akimbo powerup.

#6 & #7 In the bookstore behind the door near the phones is a cash-register.
Use it to open one secret area right in front of you with a Dr.s bag in it,
and another to the right of the register with some armor in it.

#8 on the train platform, go into the "No admittance" room and blow up the
crack in the wall to get some shells and some flares. There's another crack
at the bottom of this new path which you can blow up to get a shortcut back
and forth from the bookstore.

#9 If you get Caleb to read the noticeboard he says "mmm, Single white female" Submited by Andrew.

Mission 3 - Phantom Express

Secrets: 6

#1 - In the carriage full of crates, walk straight ahead through the door
to the end and jump onto the box, turn around, and to your right there
is another crate with a life-seed on it.

#2 - In the same room on the pile of boxes at the front of the carriage
there is a blue trunk, open it for a Beast Vision.

#3 - In the last carriage the two bars both have switches behind them which
opens a small panel on the wall _without_ the picture which has a
shot powerup in it.

#4 - Open the grill-oven in the kitchen for a flare gun.

#5 - The first room in the passenger carriage has a crack in the corner,
blow it up, and jump up into the hole to get a Tommy gun, some TNT
and some flares.

#6 - Open the fire-grate in the engine room, and run through the fire
to get a Shotgun, Lifeseed, Tommygun and Flaregun, then quickly open the
other end and get out.

Mission 4 - Dark Carnival

Secrets: 12

#1 - Straight ahead from the start for a bit, then turn left and go through
the hole to get some body armor, TNT and shells. Can also get to here by
blowing a hole in the train on the other side later on in the level.

#2 - Underwater by the first bridge, swim to the right to get Flaregun,
Shotgun, Tommy gun and Guns Akimbo.

#3 - First shooting gallery, shoot the targets to get a life-seed.

#4 - Jump on top of the "Rotton Candy" wagon, and get the boots, then use
them to jump over the wall opposite to get a Beast Vision.

#5 - Kick the three heads into the mouth to get an invincibility powerup.

#6 - Second shooting gallery (bottles), shoot the bottles to get an
invisibility cloak.

#7 - Using the boots, jump over the small wall to the left of the second
shooting gallery to get a drum of bullets.

#8 - In the freakshow, blow up the 3rd set of bars and shoot the corpse
to open a panel behind you with a Guns Akimbo powerup in it.

#9 - Trash can outside of the dagger-key door. Jump into it and duck down
to get the reflective shot powerup.

#10 - In the room the zombies come from after exiting the dagger-key door,
there are some boxes at the far end with scratches on them. Push them to
gain access to a room full of mimes and a life-seed.

#11 - You eventually get to a bridge that blows up. �Jumping over the posts
and blowing up the wall in front of you gets you access to another secret
with super armor and a 3-entry combination. �The correct combination to gain
access to "The House of Horrors" secret level is: �Knife �Eye �Moon.

Mission 5 - Hallowed Grounds

Mission 6 - The Great Temple

Mission 7 - Altar of Stone

Secrets: ?

#1 An opening in the wall facing outwards along the stairway leads to
a small ledge with some Super-Armor on it and a teleporter which puts you
back at the entry point to the level.

Mission 8 - House of Horrors (Secret Level)

Secrets: ?

Spot effects and references:

Here are any references to movies etc. seen/heard during the game, as well
as anything else that may or may not be a reference but can only be
heard at certain locations.

o Grave in the secret area near the start of E1M1 says "DRAVEN" which is
used for Eric Draven in the movie "The Crow".
o The zombies "brains, more brains" comes from "Return of the Living Dead".
o Using the wash-basin in the crematorium results in "Out, out damn spot" a
line from Shakespeares play MacBeth.
o If you use the juke-box you get moaning & screaming.
o Using the wash-basin in the train-station kitchen results in "I like my
hands bloody".
o In hidden area #1 there's a prison uniform with "Kimble" written on it,
from "The Fugitive" (Richard Kimble)
o Freakshow: Chanting "One of us" and the hand is saying "I'll swallow
your soul" (Army of Darkness)
o The canisters with the bodies in them is from "The return of the living dead"(Thanks to Greg and Angela!)

Said by "Blood" (Caleb):

o If you 'open' the DRAVEN tombstone, Blood utters 'Nevermore', from Edgar
Allan Poe's "The Raven".
o Using the bar in the train-station grill gives "I sure could use a drink"
o Sings various broadway songs. "I did it my way", "There's no business
like show business"...
o Using rat-dog stand in carnival: "Mmmm, rat burgers"
o Using the first balloon: "Do these blow up into funny shapes?"
o "That's all folks" (Warner Brothers cartoons, usually Porky Pig)
o "Okay, who wants some"
o "I love the smell of napalm in the morning" (Platoon?)
o "Is that gasoline I smell?" - Stallone & Snipes from "Demolition Man" or it could be from the "Crow"
o "Ta da!" - Whatever you want....
o "Who wants some, huh? Who's next?" -Bruce Campbell from "Army of Darkness"
o "I have something for you."
o "You just gonna stand there and bleed?"
o "That'll teach ya!"
o "Ooh, that wasn't a bit nice."
o "Amateurs!"
o "Fool! You are already dead."
o "What're you gonna do, bleed on me?!" - Monty Python & the Holy Grail

In E1L4 (the Dark Carnival), press the left-hand Warning sign in the
Jo-Jo room. This opens up a room with a rather sad Duke Nukem hanging from the
ceiling. Pushing Duke results in "Shake it, baby!".

If you are getting fed up of typing "I wanna be like kevin" or other immortal codes
why not download the trainer.

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