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Q Studios Corporation

Imagination is the only limit.

Q Studios was founded to create superior computer and video games distinguished by rich interactive environments, exceptional replay value, and cutting-edge gameplay performance. Our first rule is simple: to create games that we enjoy playing.

We provide our employees with a sense of worth and ownership, as well as a challenging work environment that attracts and rewards the best and the brightest designers, programmers, and artists in the industry.

The Q Studios Team

Nick Newhard is a successful game programmer and developer with several popular titles to his credit, including Dark Sun: Shattered Lands for Strategic Simulations, Inc. (SSI) and the award-winning educational game Thinkin' Things for Edmark Corporation. He has spent six years in the game industry and ten years in the software industry overall. Nick's primary responsibilities are game design, programming, product scheduling, and team management. He also serves as Q Studios' liaison to publishers and contract team members, and plans to have a telephone and keyboard surgically attached to his body.

Peter Freese is well-known in the industry as a code optimization expert and graphics guru. He is responsible for achieving the best possible performance in 2D and 3D graphics engines. Peter has several published entertainment and educational titles, including Thinkin' Things, Bailey's Book House, and Sammy's Science House for Edmark, as well as The Incredible Toon Machine and Lode Runner: The Legend Continues for Presage/Sierra. More recently, Peter wrote two chapters for More Tricks of the Game Programming Gurus, released by Sams Publishing. Q Studios relies on Peter for his technical and programming expertise, marketing background, and more importantly, his odd sense of humor.

Kevin Kilstrom is our premier artist, animator, blue screen videographer, and model maker. After graduating from Washington State University with a BA in Fine Arts, Kevin worked as a senior artist and supervisor for a screen printing shop. Kevin dabbled in computer art during his spare time and had begun development on an arcade action title when he was invited to become a founding member of Q Studios. Kevin is now responsible for every aspect of art development, and wonders where all his spare time went.

Jay Wilson, a.k.a. Shade, is our resident level designer. You might regognize some of his levels for Doom II, such as the ass-kicking Return to Purgatory. When you find yourself cursing Blood's wickedness, this is the guy to blame. Shade is a self-avowed action and strategy gaming addict and recently retired as the reigning champion at the top of the Doom Deathmatch Competition ladder on CompuServe. Some of Shade's other Doom II levels include Fearless, The Keep, Theatre and Theatre2

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