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He was standing on the edge of the balcony. The wind blowing through his hair. Far below, the headlights and neon signs illuminated the wet streets. Behind him was the party. It was a party for him, for his new book. There were banners hanging down the walls. "Maximillian Dunkel's ´The Beginning of The End´" the text said. They even had the damn cover art finished. "It's almost finished", he kept telling them. "A final rewrite and it's ready for print". They nodded and cheered. They had even sold the movie rights, dammit. Without reading the book. There wasn't anything to read. He knew that. He hadn't written a single word.

Night after night he just kept staring at the blank screen.

It was a long way down. It seemed more than a mile down. How long would it seem while falling? How many thoughts would flash through his brain on the way down? But they would end. As soon as he hit the street, it would all end. No more questions, no more answers, no more dreams, no more nightmares. He started to lean over the edge. The wind seemed to be pulling him closer and closer to the abyss. Arms spread out like a crucified prophet. "This is it", he thought, Final Jeopardy, the answer: "The solution to all of your problems"? The question: "What is Death!". "You win Max", he thought as he closed his eyes.


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