BloodLines TC - Beta release
The first 3 episodes the BloodLines TC, released on February 11. 2002. Read more about this version on the news page. The complete version will be released three weeks from now including the fourth episode, cutscenes for all episodes, special features containing unfinished maps and commentary and possibly a few additional maps in the first three episodes.

Download it here


The BloodLines Demo
contains the first map of the TC, The Madhouse and a short trailer showing screenshots from the full version. Click here to download . When downloaded, unzip to a temporary directory and study the readme file before copying the files to your Blood directory. Have fun playing it!


The Cathedral
This nice map is the first version of The Cathedral map, which is the second level in the TC. When Craig showed me his map for the first time, this was how it looked. I told him I loved it, but that I thought the church itself should be more gothic (it DOES have a certain New Age air to it in this version), so he started entirely from scratch (not my intention, but I guess he thought that was easier than modifying the existing one). The result was that we now have TWO great maps with the same theme.

Have fun playing it, I sure had.

Download it NOW


The Museum
This file includes 4 versions of The Museum map. The mapper, Adam, later quit the team and Matt has now taken on the challenge of designing the most wicked Museum possible. he's doing a good job I can tell you.

Download it NOW


The Darkened Theatre
4 versions of The Darkened Theatre. Hex, who built the map, restarted it and is currently working on the new and improved version.

Download it NOW


The Twilight Zone
The original version of the Twilight Zone airplane. Lobo left the map in this state when he quit the team. I wish that he could have stayed to complete it. Anyway, enjoy.

Download it NOW


Q. When will the TC be available?
A. When it's done.


patients only


This is where our plan files will go. I am working on the coding for this and it should be available soon. Thank you...

-the WebMaster (Wil)





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