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Here is an example map that shows you how to make the player talk.

1. Creating a basic room:
Press SPACEBAR somewhere on the grid and connect for points to make a square/rectangle.
2. Raising your ceiling/lowering floor:
Put you curser over the ceiling or floor, and use the PAGE UP and PAGE DOWN keys.
3. Selecting a texture for walls, floors, etc:
Put your cursor over the wall, or whatever and press V. Use the left and right arrow keys to sort through the textures (there are a few thousand) and press the left ENTER key on the one you want.
4. Making Texture placing easier and less time-consuming:
You can copy and paste textures. Just place you cursor over the texture you want to copy and press TAB. Then place your cursor over another wall or whatever, that you want to be the same texture, and press the left ENTER key.
5. Sloping:
You can slope ceilings and floors. Use [ and ] to slope. To tell it which direction to slope, go into 2D mode and press ALT-F on the line (in that sector) that you want to stay on the floor, when you slope. If you dont know what I mean, just try it out. Remember to hit ALT-F on the line in 2D mode that you want to stay on the floor or where it is. :) Good Luck!.
6. Light adjustment & Shading:
Just use the + and - keys over on the left side of the keyboard.
7. Placing a sprite:
In 3D mode, press S on where you want the sprite to be and choose your sprite. You can resize it by placing your cursor on the sprite and using the 4, 6, 8, and 2 keys on the left side of your keyboard. To make a spite/object blow up in pieces, do the following;
Press ALT F6 on your sprite in 2D mode. Change the TYPE: to #416 Gib Object.
Then scroll over to where it says VECTOR and pess SPACEBAR.
Then go to Data1: and change it to what you want the explosion to be (glass, body parts, burning wood, etc.)
Here is a small list of some of the datas;
5 = Body parts
12 = Glass
15 = Blue sparks
21 = Lots of pieces of burning paper
8. Making a verticle door (up and down): Ok... I'll try to explain this. Draw your door (sector) and zoom in so that you can press ALT F5 on it. Change TYPE: to Z Motion Sector. Then, in the OFF>ON Section change Busy Time and Wait Time to 30. And check (x) Wait Time and change the 0 Sine to Linear. Then in the ON>OFF section, do the same but don't check the wait time. If you do, your door will open and close over and over by itself. Now go over and check (x) wallpush. Pess ENTER. Now, in 3D MODE bring your door-sector down to the floor using PAGE DOWN and press ALT F3. This is what the door will look like closed. Then use PAGE UP to the desired height and pess ALT F4. This is what it looks like, open. now save your work and try it out.
9. Making SoundFx:
There are 3 kinds of sound:
& Player
Sector soundFx are used in doors and moving sectors, etc.
Ambient is a repetitive sound. (Wind, water dripping, etc.)
& Player SoundFx are when the player talks. ("I live again!" at the beginning of the game...)
For example: To make a player soundFx you make a sector with a TX of 100 & up or a number not in use by another sector. Place the player soundFx in another sector and give it the RX number of the sector's TX
Set the sector on:
TX: 150
x 1-Shot
x Send At On
x Enter
The sound needs to be on:
RX: 150
x going on
x going off
x 1-shot
Data1 (# of sound. You can find a list of sounds on many blood pages.)
MAIL ME ABOUT ANY QUESTIONS. I'll finish this page when I have time.
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