Note: All names with JOH in front are by members of the Jesters of Hell.

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Map Name Version Type(Single, Bloodbath, Team, or Coop) Size Comment Rate0/10 Author of Map 1.3updated 8/15/97 Bloodbath 19.2k Well Designed 8.4/10 JOH-Dapumkins
?? Bloodbath 34k Very Well Designed! 9.3/10 Tempest ?? Single, Bloodbath 38.6k Nice for single player and damn good! 9.4/10 Hexter11 ?? Bloodbath 57.3k OK, but needs more weapons. 7.4/10 Arjan Van Rossen ?? Bloodbath 8.4k Too small for a mansion. 6.1/10 Arjan Van Rossen ?? Bloodbath 13.1k No weapons, just pitchfork to pitchfork I guess. 5.1/10 Niklas Joensson ?? Bloodbath 40.9k Great design but too choppy unless you have lot's oh video ram. 9.5/10 Rune Trasop ?? Single, Bloodbath 12.9k Nice, nice, nice. 8.0/10 Michael Thomas ?? Single 20.6k looks like a beginners map, not all that good. 6.4/10 Moon Crusher ?? Bloodbath 14.4k Excellent bloodbath thought behind this map. 8.1/10 Sick-boy