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Jesters of Hell Blood Clan

Jester of Hell

Welcome to the Jesters of Hell Blood clan, we are activly on Mplayer, a free, no charge, gaming network.

10/28/97I really think I'm going to make an addon pack...I need more poeple, like level builders, and someone who knows how to add an episode to the game, for I don't have a clue. But one thing is sure, I know how to make maps, if you want to see one ask me and I'll show you my awesome quality!

10/27/97Sorry for the big delay but this clan is toast. I am seriously thinking of turning this page into an addon pack page, if anyone is interested email me and we'll talk. As for the clan, I don't know how much longer it will be here considering Mplayer sux so bad that they don't have the Plasma Pack addon much less even V1.11 of Blood, they only have 1.10 and it took them way to long to upgrade from 1.02 to 1.10! There is never anyone in the Blood lobbies because of this. But anyway I have a Bloodbath level completed for the addon pack and I'm working on 2 single player maps, if you are interested in being a map maker or anything else, you know, tell me.

09/04/97Today nothing special happened, I am seriously thinking of scrapping this whole clan since no one really cares about it...if any one doens't want me to, tell me or soon this page will be cyber-junk!

If you want to join the clan, you must be on Mplayer and you must play one of the members to show your supremecy!

If you would like to add your map, join, or have suggestions, e-mail me at
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