Blood Maps

As with my Duke section, I will review any user maps sent to me for Blood. Deathmatch? Good, send it to me. I can play it over my IPX network with my brother. Single player? Great, I appreciate all the time spent making such a level. Well, as with all build games, I like to build levels just like the next guy. Currently, the only level I have out is Quake Dm1, which is a exact takeoff of, you guessed it, Quake Dm1. I simply wanted to see how far I could take the engine, and I�think I showed off some of its positive points. I have had many hours of fun on this level and I�hope you enjoy it. But in the meantime, please keep those maps coming. Below is a table listing any maps that I�have recieved and reviewed. If you build, send me your maps!!!

The Reviewed Maps: A fairly fast deathmatch level, you'll love it!