mpkfa - God mode
i wanna be like kevin - God mode
voorhees - God mode
nocapinmyass - God mode
capinmyass - Turn god mode off
lara croft - All weapons Unlimited ammo
idaho - All weapons
montana - All weapons and items
bunz - Guns Akimbo
spork - 200% health
griswold - All armor 200%
keymaster - All keys
funky shoes - Jump boots
satchel - All items
cousteau - Diving suite, and 200% health
onering - Invisible
calgon - Warp to another level
mario - Warp to another level
eva galli - No clipping mode
goonies - Full map
kevorkian - Suicide
mcgee - Set yourself on fire
krueger - 200% health and sets yourself on fire
rate - Displays frame rate
jojo - Drunk
To use the cheat codes in blood, simply press the "T" key and enter the code as shown above then press the enter key.