For centuries the Cabal have labored to create an interdimensional portal to bring their god Tchernobog to our dimension. With his strongholds established and the portal complete, the Dark God steps through and begins the work of creating his undead army.

Tchernobog's agenda soon becomes apparent; He wants nothing less than the total enslavery of the human race. Tchernobog's most dedicated servants become his High Guard, creatures capable of transforming into beasts of incredible strength and stamina, with an appetite for bloodlust and suffering. Rather than being granted the promised places of wealth and power, those who have served Tchernobog with their lives have now become his dogs, given the task of destroying those that oppose him.
You are one of the High Guard, angered because his enslavement has taken away any possibility of rulership. His one chance at vengeance is now at hand. You must seek out and destroy Tchernobog's sources of power in this dimension, and figure out the key to accessing your powers of Bloodlust.
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