By Tim Aste

Disclaimer-I or Elitegames take no responsibility what-so-ever under an circumstances for any reason at all concerning my work, this FAQ, Blood, myself, or anything at all that involves me, Elitegames or this FAQ. You'll take full responsibility for you actions completely. By reading past this point your automatically agreed to this disclaimer. If you do not wish to agree please close this file immediately and remove from all and every byte of memory it is in.

What's in this FAQ?

Mostly there's just help on blood, but I also talk about other stuff too.

Who are you?

Why I'm me of course. You can call me God(but Cyrax or Tim will do). I am a experienced veteran of 3D Games since Wolfenstein 3-D came out. I am also, hehe, and expert I guess. Iâ€m also pretty good. Play me over the Internet if the lag isnâ€t too bad. I have no idea why Iâ€m wasting my time doing this but I am. I guess I want to help people.

What is Blood?

Blood is an interactive 3D game with the most up to date 3d gaming effects. Some of the things you can do in blood are spectacular such as mowing down lines of enemies with weapons such as flaming aerosol or making enemies writhe in pain with a voodoo doll. Many other interactive features include carnival games, an amusement roller coaster and everything in Duke Nukem 3D but more advanced. Blood uses a advance BUILD engine. The official BLOOD web site is

Who makes Blood?

Monolith Productions made Blood. Blood was originally started by 3DRealms(makes of Duke3D) who were working in coherence with â€Lith Productions but 3DRealms ended up giving the rights to Monolith. To rule out rumor, Monolith made the WHOLE game and didnâ€t just buy it from 3DRealms. The result: one truly awesome(and violent) game. The Monolith web site is and the 3drealms web site is or

What files do I need for the shareware version of Blood?

You need the following files:

File Name | File Size | Description

  • blood.exe 17,035,796 Blood Shareware - One Complete File
  • bsplit.exe 1,071,027 Blood Shareware - Split File 1
  • 1,435,005 Blood Shareware - Split File 2
  • 1,435,340 Blood Shareware - Split File 3
  • 1,437,651 Blood Shareware - Split File 4
  • 1,438,673 Blood Shareware - Split File 5
  • 1,438,520 Blood Shareware - Split File 6
  • 1,422,833 Blood Shareware - Split File 7

Where can I find these files?

You can find these files at many different places! Here is a list of places you can find them:**

Any of these can be viewed with a web browser.

* - Will begin downloading the full version of blood in once complete file automatically

What is the BUILD engine?

The Build engine, which was created by Ken Silverman, updated by 3DRealms for Duke3d, then Updated again for Blood by Monolith productions is a more advanced DOOM like engine. The Build engine allows you to look up and down, reflective mirrors, true room over room, multi colored lighting, moving vehicles, translucent sprites, rotating sprites and sectors, high-res., underwater swimming, user-modifiable specs, and much, much more! Duke Nukem was not the first game to use the build engine. The list of games which use it are Duke3D, Shadow Warrior, Blood, Tekwar, Witchaven(1&2), Redneck Rampage, and Powerslave.

Why is Build better at building buildings?
(say that 5 times fast)

It is better because sectors can move during game play. This allows doors to swing open, trains to move, ect. Second, the editor is full 3d. Third the frame rate is not limited to 35 fps*. Also, the game can run in unusual chain modes. Fourth, it can run in any VESA mode up to 1600x1200. The 2D map mode can go several different ways. Finally build supports different glasses such as Crystal eyes and i-glasses. These are just a few listings out of many!

Can other files from build games be used with this build engine?

It is not likely because the build engines themselves are customized in a different ways but theyâ€re are several utilities to convert file into build files. For example, WAD2MAP is used to transfer doom files to duke3d files or build2blud for duke3d files to blood files.

Who made blood?

Below is a list of credits of which the masterminds who created this rampaging rollick of a game!

Game Designer:
Nick Newhard

Project Manager:
Matt Saettler

Build Engine, Editor, and Tools:
by Ken Silverman

Additional Tools:
Nick Newhard
Peter Freese

Lead Programmer:
Nick Newhard

Game Programming:
Daniel Leeks
Peter Freese

Network Layer/Setup Program:
Mark Dochterman
Nick Newhard

Level Design:
James Wilson III
Craig Hubbard

Additional Level Design:
Kevin Kilstrom
Nick Newhard
Terry Hamel

Lead Artist:
Kevin Kilstrom

Additional Artwork:
Terry Hamel
Eric Klokstad
Rick Welsh
David Brickley

Character Modeling:
Kevin Kilstrom

Sound Engine:
Peter Freese
Jim Dose

Sound Development:
Daniel Bernstein
Cassano Thruston
James Ackley
Jason Hall

Music Development:
Daniel Bernstein

Additional Music Development:

Performed by:
Steve Bryant
Doug Fullington
Vernon Nicodemous
David Stutz

Voice Talent:
Stephan Weyte as Caleb
Jason Hall as The Voice (TM)

Craig Hubbard, writer
Kevin Kilstrom, art director
James Wilson III, writer
Aaron Carlson, modeller/animator
Bobby Bala, modeller

Blood Internet Site (
Spencer Maiers
Paul Butterfield
Adam Ketola
Kevin Kilstrom
Craig Hubbard

Quality Assurance:
Lynne Dayton
Leonard Salas
Jim McAvinew
John Hurst
Mike Cody
Rodd Karp
Wyeth Johnston

GTIS Producer and Lead Atmosphere Monger:
Rick Raymo

Special Thanks:
Helen Newhard
Lauren Johnson
Francine Kilstrom
Tamara Leeks
Lisa Sheets
Evan Stein
Jason Pratt (aka Pailhead)
William Mull (aka Phoebus)
Cho Yan Wong (aka Tempest)
Tim Aste (aka Cyrax)
Geoff Stratton
Matt Hayhurst
George Broussard
Scott Miller
Joe Siegler
Richard Gray
Andrew Blevins

What is the story for Blood?

  • The Story in a lot of paragraphs...

They promised many things. "Faith is the key," they said. "Faith will show you the way." And I believed them because I wanted to believe. But faith must be proven. I learned that the first time I wrapped my fingers around the haft of the ritual dagger to demonstrate my devotion to the One that Binds. They had not told me about Him, but there would be many lessons in the weeks to come. Unthinkable lessons. And a name to carry like a thorn in my conscience, a name never to be spoken aloud lest He hear me: Tchernobog. All I've earned by my labor and my sacrifices are more and greater promises. I've carved my soul to shreds in service of the Cabal. What little humanity I retain is corrupted by the Beast, which has grown stronger with every life I've taken. Well, the time has come to sate its appetite and bite the hand that feeds. Vengeance lies at the end of a long, bloody road through the very estates of the damned. Pity only that I have no greater weapon than this old pitchfork with which to still the rustling of leathery wings and douse the gleam of the eyes in the darkness. But I will exact blood for blood from my adversaries and send them back into the shadows between the world of the living and the land of the dead. This I vow."

  • The Story in a few paragraphs...

You carved your soul to shreds in service of a forgotten, terrible god, but all your loyalty bought you were false promises and betrayal. You were among the Chosen, Tchernobog's most esteemed generals, dark angels who were to stand by his side and inherit the earth. But that was not to be. Cast down and once again a prisoner of mortal flesh, you must seek out the rest of the Chosen-Ishmael, Gabriel, and your beloved Ophelia. Only with your combined strength can you find your way back to the Hall of the Epiphany and face Tchernobog again. Only then will you understand why he has forsaken you.Your journey will not be an easy one, but one thing is certain.

Blood will flow.

What are the Requirements for Blood?


  • CPU: Pentium: 75MHz or better
  • Memory: 16MB RAM
  • Available Hard-Disk Space: 40MB
  • Distribution Media Drive: 4X CD-ROM drive
  • Audio System: 100% Sound Blaster Compatible
  • Video System: VGA 256-color
  • Input Devices: Keyboard, Mouse, Gamepad, Advanced Input
  • DOS 6.2 or better


  • CPU: Pentium 133Mhz or better
  • Memory: 24mb Ram
  • Available HD Space: 41MB(for save games)
  • CD Speed: 6x For Better Quality Movies
  • Sound Blaster Pro2, 16, or Awe32
  • SVGA 256 640x400
  • Keyboard, Mouse Joystick
  • Win95 or for slower users DOS 6.2

What about the main menu?

This is Just A Brief Description of the Menu.

  • New Game - This starts a new game in blood.
  1. Episode - This is the episode of levels you will play.
  2. Skill Level - This is how hard the monsters are and how sparse or plentiful the objects and such are.
  • Play on Ten - Users of the TOTAL ENTERTAINMENT NETWORK can play each other on the Internet using this function. It's recommended you start a TEN game from DOS or the TEN program.
  • Options - These you use to configure how you play blood.
  1. Controls - Use this to configure what they keys do when your playing blood.
  2. Gamma - Use this to brighten the screen if the game seems too dark.
  3. Music - This selects how loud or soft the music is.
  4. Sound - This changes how loud or soft the sounds are.
  5. CD Audio - This changes how loud or soft the CD Music is.
  6. Crosshair - This toggles the Crosshair in the game.
  7. Show Weapons - This is used to see what your opponents weapon is in a BloodBath Multi Player Game.
  8. Slope Tilting - This is used to toggle whether or not your view point changes on a slope(up or down).
  9. View bobbing - This toggles whether or not you slightly bob up and down when playing. If you experience nausea while playing turn this OFF.
  10. View Swaying - This creates a slight sway as you play. If you experience nausea while playing turn this OFF also.
  11. Parental Lock - This is used to turn off the BLOOD and other offensive stuff. You can also lock this with a password so little hands can't get to it.
  • Save Game - Saves your current game so you can come back later.
  • Load Game - Loads a game you have saved in the past.
  • Help/Ordering - Provides vague online help and a lot of ordering info.
  • Credits - Displays who is responsible for all this carnage.
  • Quit - Closes Blood and returns you to Windows/DOS.

OK, I'm playing, what are they keys?

The Default Keys Are:

  • Forward Up
  • Backward Down
  • Turn Left Left Arrow
  • Turn Right Right Arrow
  • Strafe ALT
  • Strafe Left ,
  • Strafe Right .
  • Jump A or /
  • Crouch Z
  • Run Shift(hold it down)
  • AutoRun CapsLock
  • Open/Activate Space
  • Fire CTRL
  • Alternate Fire X
  • Aim Up Home
  • Aim Down End
  • Look Up Page Up
  • Look Down Page Down
  • Look Left Insert
  • Look Right Delete
  • Weapon 1 1
  • Weapon 2 2
  • Weapon 3 3
  • Weapon 4 4
  • Weapon 5 5
  • Weapon 6 6
  • Weapon 7 7
  • Weapon 8 8
  • Weapon 9 9
  • Weapon 10 0
  • Use Inventory Enter
  • Inventory Left [
  • Inventory Right ]
  • Map View Toggle Tab
  • Map Follow Mode F(in map mode)
  • Shrink Screen Size -
  • Enlarge Screen Size +
  • Send Message T(then type message)
  • Co-Operative View K(multi player only)
  • 3rd Person View F7
  • Mouse Aiming U
  • Crosshair Toggle I
  • Next Weapon `
  • Last Weapon |
  • Holster Gun Scroll Lock
  • Show Opponents Weapon W
  • Beast Vision B(if you have it)
  • Crystal Ball C(if you have it)
  • JumpBoot J(if you have it)
  • MedKit M(if you have it)
  • Proximity Bombs P(if you have them)
  • Remote Bombs R(if you have them)

*Note: All these keys are configurable from the options menu.

Who are those enemy guys?

  • Rats - These annoying things pop out of nowhere and bite you feet. They usually travel in groups and are hard to kill with a pitchfork. Your best bet is a shotgun blast towards the group or a blast from afar. They are very weak but they're size and speed make them annoying.
  • Bats - The same as a rat but worse. They have wings! Although they don't bite as much as rats they are hard to hit. Especially in dark areas.
  • Spiders - Spiders are something to be afraid of. They vary in sizes and are poisonous. Even worse, they are angry. They'll pop up and bite you. Although the little spiders poison isn't too bad beware of the big ones! Also, the more your bitten the more you are poisoned.*
  • Zombies - Although not too much of a threat alone, they can gang up on you, corner you, and ruin your day. The best way to rid them is two shotgun blasts up close(use x). Beware though, you may think they are dead but the next thing you know they are chopping you from behind. The best way to tell if they're dead is if they drop a life essence or they're heads fly off. If neither of these happen, listen for a sound that is deeper than they're usual cry of pain.
  • Butchers - Slower than a zombie but more deadly and stronger. These things take a lot of abuse and swing a mean meat cleaver. Beware! They spew acidic vomit at you if your too close!*
  • Cultist - A mean bunch of guys. They hurl dynamite and wield shotguns. They are extremely deadly if they catch you by surprise. They are also very fast. Likely they aren't too bright. Your best et if they are alone is a shotgun. If they are in numbers, try to lob a TNT bomb in the middle. Luckily, they are human. So when they're dead they're dead. They're usually wear a brown cloak.
  • Fanatics - A Cultist on steroids. Not only that he has a Tommy gun! Extremely deadly if they're a bunch of these guys in the same place. They're very quick and smarter than cultists. They'll even wait in ambush for you!
  • Gargoyles - A true force to be reckoned with! These demons fly above you and then drop down and tear you to shreds. They hurl explosive dynamite type things and have enough claws to make a Velociraptor jealous!
  • Stone Gargoyles - The same above except flames and bullets bounce off them like rubber and steel. You DO NOT want to fight one of these.
  • Hell Hounds - Lassie they aren't! These fire breathing doggies will chase you down and tear you to shreds before you can even say "Bad Doggy".*
  • Bone Eels - These fish's aren't too scary and are really scared of you. Unfortunately they're sneaky. The moment you turn around they'll be six inches in your spine. Anyone hungry for fish sticks?
  • Gill Beasts - On land they're slow, stupid and defenseless. In water they're fast, intelligent, have big mouths and want to tear you to kibble. They are very hard to catch. Be careful especially in dark areas.*
  • Body Parts - Some body parts of zombies are salvaged. Be careful. That zombie you shot up this morning will come back to you and choke you to death, with just a hand. Be careful. They're fast and quiet. They'll usually get the drop on YOU!*
  • Ghosts - Not deadly unless they're attacking. When you see one don't shoot it. If they're not attacking then you can't hit him. As soon as they solidify then your in trouble. Shoot as soon as they're solid.*
  • Cheogh - The main gargoyle. 15 Feet tall and stone. Very hard. From a personal experience be careful with this one. Laser shoot out of his eyes! He has all the tactics of a normal gargoyle although so he can be predictable. Just a lot tougher.
  • Shial - The main spider. Little is know about this spider other than the fact that she is deep within the earth and she digests her victims alive. Thinking differently of that daddy long-legs?*
  • Cerebrus - This huge two headed demon was named after the mythical guardian of hell for one reason. He could be the Cerebrus! Just about invulnerable. Remember he has two heads. You much kill both of the heads.*
  • Tchernobog - His name is spoken only in whispers, for it is said that his interest is easily roused. Those who peer fully into his smoldering gaze are condemned to madness and death.You must find him before his powers become complete if you are to stand a chance. Even then, defeating him will require all your strength and ingenuity! Oh yeah, he is one UGLY son of a gun.*

*- These are only in the registered version.

So what are the weapons?

  • Pitchfork - Although the weakest of the weapons it isn't that weak. It will work fine with zombie and cultists although I don't recommend going against a fanatic or gargoyle! You always have this and can't run out of ammo.
  • Flare Gun - The flare gun is a pretty cool weapon. If you don't kill the person by the shot alone they will catch on fire into a burning sparkler. The secondary fire is more of star burst shot which covers a large area and igniting anything unfortunate enough to get caught in it's path.
  • Shotgun - A truly overall good weapon. The shotgun will take mostly all the weak enemies in one shot. To kill a zombie for once and for all use the secondary fire up close which is fire both barrels at once instead of one at a time.
  • Tommy Gun - This is a very fun weapon! Either Direct you stream of bullets on one person or use the secondary fire to sweep a room but using twice as much bullets although.
  • Napalm Thrower - A explosive gun. Fire single balls of napalm at one target which will explode killing everything within a radius including you. Alternative fire is a stream of napalm balls. *
  • Dynamite - Very useful. Be careful and throw it far because the blast radius is large. The longer you hold down the fire button the farther it goes. In the middle of the status bar is a strength meter which will go up the longer you hold it down. Don't hold it two long because the fuse is short! The secondary fire lights it but you don't throw it. Hit control to throw it and it will bounce around and then explode when the fuse runs out. Don't hold it two long or you become a shish kA bob.
  • Remote detonators - These are dynamite bundles except you detonate at will. Deadly, especially in Bloodbath multiplayer games!*
  • Proximity Detonators - These are like dynamite bundles but they explode when anything goes near them! Again, these are cool in multiplayer games or for just covering your rear. Be careful not to fall into your own trap.*
  • Voodoo Doll - The power of the voodoo doll is immense, but far subtler than that of a firearm.You can hit the doll in several places(including the crotch), and it has a big effect on zombies.
  • Aerosol Can - A Fun, fun, fun weapon. Imagine waiting in ambush as enemies come and then igniting them into fireballs as they walk through your steady stream of fire. The alternative fire is dropping the can and letting it blow up.*
  • Telsa Cannon - This powerful prototype weapon packs a mighty load of amperage. Nikola Telsa would be proud.*
  • Life Leech - This artifact draws its power from the life energy of your foes. Run low on ammo and it saps your own strength!*

*These are only in registered version.

What items are there?

There are several items in Blood so I will describe them too you one at a time.

Health and Armor

  • Essence - Adds 20 points to your health but does not bring it over 100.
  • Life Seed - Adds100 points and will bring it over 100 but not over 200.
  • Body Armor - Adds 100 armor. Reduces the effects of bullets and explosions.
  • Fire Armor - Adds 100 fire armor. Reduces the effects of flare, flaming aerosol, and other such fire elements.
  • Spirit Armor - Adds 100 spiritual armor. Reduces the effects of voodoo and hellstaff.
  • Basic Armor - Adds 50 points to each armor type.
  • Super Armor - Adds 200 points to each armor type.

Powerups and Inventory

  • Death Mask - Temporarily makes you invincible. But, this doesnâ€t not remove physics so a dynamite blast may hurl you off a cliff for example.
  • Guns Akimbo - Double time! Two of one handed weapons. If you have one shotgun you have two and so on.
  • Invisibility - Get this little transfluscent ghost and your enemies canâ€t see you!
  • Crystal Ball - This will let you see your enemies no matter where they are. Once activated use enter or the hotkey designated to cycle through them. This only works in Bloodbath multi player games.
  • Beast vision - This lights up your enemies so you can see them in any condition. Once activated it cannot be stopped.
  • Doctors Bag - This is portable health when you need it. Hit M at any time and it will bring you up to 100 until it runs out.
  • Jump boots - A useful item. Use these to increase your jumping ability to several feet in the air. Useful for jumping over walls and such.
  • Reflective Shots - I am rubber you are glue, whatever you shoot bounces off me and hits into you! This item reflects your enemies shots and makes it hit them. You are still vulnerable to explosions and fire.

What are the cheat codes?

Now we get into the good stuff! Here is a list of cheat codes as of
March 09, 1997:

To enter a cheat code hit T then type the code.

  1. Rate - Frame Rate
  2. MPKFA - God Mode
  3. Idaho - Weapons
  4. Montana - All Items
  5. Edmark - Neat Message but may shut your codes off
  6. Jojo - Rotates You: Really Weird
  7. Lara Croft - All Weapons and Items
  8. McGee - Makes Fire All Around You and Hurts You
  9. Mario - Skip Levels
  10. Spork - Not Sure What It Dones
  11. Bunz - Weapons
  12. CapinMyAss - Turns Off Cheats
  13. NoCapInMyAss - God Mode
  14. I wanna be like Kevin - God Mode
  15. Griswold - Armor
  16. Funky Shoes - Jump Real High
  17. KeyMaster - All Keys
  18. Satchel - Items
  19. Onering - Gives You One Ring
  20. Calgon - Level Skip
  21. Kevorkian - Suicide
  22. Krueger - Get Burnt Some More
  23. Cousteau - 200 Health
  24. Voorhees - Turns Cheats Off
  25. Sterno - Fades Screen In and Out
  26. Fork Broussard - 1 Health and Empties your Inventory
  27. Eva Galli - No Clipping
  28. Goonies - Full Map

How do I beat the levels?

Now onto the level walk throughs. The level walk throughs are for Episode 1 and are done at Lightly Broiled Skill Level. Good Luck.

Level 1 - The Cemetery

Get up out of the grave and walk towards the curved wall at the end of the hallway. Press space and get the dynamite inside when it opens. Then Turn and follow the hallway. Open the sliding doors and go outside.

Once outside kill the zombie that pops up out of the grave and then walk down the steps to the gate.

Walk into the middle of the open area and grab the flare gun. Now walk through the iron gates into the small cemetery. Two or three zombies pop up. Kill them. Be careful thought there is a Cultist standing in the mausoleum door. Kill the cultist and get the key he drops. Now walk to the doors of the Morgue and open them. You should hear "Open for Business".

Walk down the hallway but be careful, there is a zombie to the left of you and to the right. It may be good to duck in so they see you and duck out. When they come around the corner throw a dynamite bundle because they will be close together.

Walk into the main room and there will be 3 cultists. Two on parallel ledges and one by the benches, basically one to the left, center, and right. Once they are dead jump on the coffin. It will open and several mice will come out. Kill them. Then get the box of flares where the mice came from. Now turn right of the coffin and open the curtains. Go up the stairs.

Press spacebar on the organ and it will play a tune. A alcove opens above the organ. Get the monster eyes. Now do an about face and walk to the left of the stairs onto the ledge.

Once on the ledge smash the window in the wall and jump through. Around the corner there is a cultist but you will have the drop on him. Get the key he drops. Also kill those annoying mice running around. Now jump on the incinerator platform thatâ€s going into the fire. Quickly run through the fire and grab the life seed and run right back out. Now go to the end of the room and out the door.

Once out in the hall there is a zombie. Kill him but donâ€t hit the barrel or youâ€ll explode(unless you shoot it from FAR away). Now go around the corner into the storage area of dead bodies. One of the body holders has a crack in it. Try to blow it up somehow either with the nearby barrel or a dynamite bundle. Get the fire armor inside. Follow the hallway until you reach the ledge.

Once on the ledge walk across and open the door. If you get a message that said itâ€s locked go back into the incinerator room and get the key by the dead body of the cultist. You must of missed it.

Now walk down the hallway, at the end a zombie pops out of a coffin. Kill him. Then Jump over the slab of coffin leaning against the corner of the room and get the flares. Jump back over and go the the hole in the wall which leads outside.

Once outside kill the two cultists and hit the end of the level symbol. Your done!

Level 2. The train station

In the beginning of the board jump through the hole onto the tracks. A zombie pops up. Kill him. Then Grab the dynamite in the corner, stand far away, and through a dynamite bundle at the barrels.

Jump through the hole that opened. Stand far away and through a dynamite bundle at the farthest barrel. As soon as you through it jump back out and wait until the explosions die down. Jump through the end hall onto the other track.

Jump into the train car and kill the two zombies(left and right). Grab the shotgun and jump out the other side. There will be two cultists. Kill them.

Walk towards where the cultists came from and hit the button. The train turns around. Jump back through the train car and open the doors on other side that have just appeared. Walk in the hallway. There will be explosions at the end of the hallway. Kill the four zombies and continue down the hall.

You will be outside and in front of the station. Kill the two cultists, one far and one near. Then enter the station. There are three cultists on the steps. Once in the main part of the station shoot the cultists through the teller window and kill the nearby zombies. There is a fanatic and a cultist on the ledge above you. If you can shoot them. Then go around the corner of the teller booth and kill the cultist & fanatic by the door leading into the teller room. Go into the teller room.

Once in the room get the key and ammo laying around. Then leave the way you came in. Once standing outside the door follow the path in front of you into the waiting area. There will be a bunch of zombies, cultists, and fanatics. Kill them. Then press space bar on the phone to the far left and you will hear "Hello? May I speak to a Mister Jas, First Name Hugh". Now turn left of the phone and walk through the doorway leading into the pub & grill. There are two zombies and two cultists. Kill them. Now walk up to the juke box and press space bar. Funny huh? Now walk around the corner into the kitchen. Shoot the mice. Now shoot the extinguisher. Kill the zombie in the hidden wine room and get the goodies. Now go back into the kitchen. Open the meat locker and kill the zombie. Now press spacebar on the two bloody hand prints. Go back into the wine cellar(quickly) and get the ghost item. If you get trapped by the wall just press space and it will open.

Leave the pub and go into the room with the phones. Now turn left as your leaving the pub and go into the hallway leading from the back of the teller room to the room with the phones. Take the stairs that are left if you were facing the teller room door.

Once in the hallway at the top of the stairs kill the cultist. Break a window and jump out onto the ledge(do not jump off ledge!). Get the life seed and then jump back into the hallway. Now continue down the hallway into the managers office.

Once in the office, kill the two cultists and get the key. The door you came in through will close and zombies will come crashing through the walls. Once they are all dead the door will unlock and open. Before you leave though press spacebar on the picture of the person laying down. Guns akimbo! Now go back into the phone room and press space bar on the phone booth second from the right. Get the armor.

Now go into the bookstore. Once you walk up the book rack will part and two cultists will pop out kill them and kill the zombie behind the register. Now go over the the register and press spacebar. Get the doctors bag from the bookcase that just came down.

Now go back into the hallway leading from the teller room to the phone room and this time take the stairs to the right. Now go up the stairs.

At the top of the stairs go down the hallway and kill the two zombies(and anyone who is left from before). Go up into another waiting room. Kill all the fanatics, cultists, and zombies(a lot)! Now get the armor and press space to open the gate. Walk up to the train boarding area and kill everyone. A train will pull in. Kill everyone on the train. Go into the room marked "no admittance". Kill the cultist and zombie. There is a crack on the wall. Through some sort of explosive towards it. Go in the hole and get the stuff on the wooden ledge. Be careful or you will fall back into the bookstore. Now go back out and hit the train button. (NOTE: For something really funny save your game before you beat the level. Now go into the tunnel and follow it now matter what the screen says. Hilarious. You will die, but you saved your game so donâ€t worry.)

Level 3. The train ride

At the start of the level donâ€t move at all! Just stand and watch. You will see 3 bodies get smooshed. A warning of what will happen if you jump off by accident or on purpose. Now walk around the engine and shoot the cultist by the coal car. Walk up onto the coal and kill the zombies that come out. Jump off the coal car and in front of the door that leads into the passenger car. Enter the passenger car. There will be a few zombies directly to your right. Kill them. Walk to the end of the car. There will be cultists by the end. Kill them. Enter the connector car. Then walk down it and enter the 2nd passenger car. There are two cultists to your right and zombies at the end of the hallway. Kill them too. Walk to the end of the car into the connector car. Enter the storage car. Once in the storage car turn to your right. Flip the light switch. This makes things a lot easier. There are cultists, fanatics and zombies hidden everywhere. Iâ€m not going to ruin the fun by telling you where they are. =)

After theyâ€re all dead, look for a blue suitcase(high on top of other boxes). Press spacebar to open it and get all the goodies. There is other goodies hidden around the storage room. Why am I not telling you? Either Iâ€m too lazy or itâ€s because I just burned my tongue on a pocket pizza. Ouch.

Leave the storage car. Your in another connector car. Follow it and enter the dining hall. There are ALOT of cultists here. I prefer getting the guns akimbo from the storage room, bringing out my Tommy gun and then using alternate fire. Also, dynamite works nicely. Once they are ALL dead. Look for a key. It was on one of them. Now jump behind one of the bars and hit the switch on the bar top itself. If all the windows open you have the wrong bar. Jump into the other bar and hit the switch. An alcove open inside the opposite bar table. Jump over and get the goody(quickly!). Now that you have reflective shots and the key. Go into the door(not the one you came in through but the other door). Go into the connector car, kill the zombies if they are still there, then enter the other door. You will be at the end of the train. Grab the super armor and backtrack all the way to the 2nd passenger train.

Open the door directly to your left as you enter it and go up the elevator. Go into the suite and kill everyone. Now get the fire key and armor. The armor is by the mirror. Now go back down the way you came and go into the 1st passenger car. As you walk by the doors will open and people will shoot you. Shoot them first. There are assorted goodies in the two rooms. In the second room there is a crack. Blow it up and go into the storage space above. Kill everyone up there, grab the goodies and go down the elevator. Once down the elevator turn right and go back into the coal car. Now you can open the engine room. Directly as you enter there will be zombies left and right of you. Kill them. Then kill all the cultists. Now open one of the gates to the furnace and jump in. Quickly grab all the goodies before you ignite. Then go around the corner and flip the unlock switch. Now go back to the furnace and flip the two engine heat increase switches. Now leave the engine car quickly! Your done!

Level 4 The Carnival

At the beginning of the level jump off the train and turn right. Walk forward. Shoot everyone. Head for the hole in the rock wall. Follow the tunnel. Once on the path leading to the carnival shoot everyone. Then follow the path. Walk across the bridge(do no jump in water). Then go through the spiraling gates. Go around the corner past the ticket taker. Two zombies will come at you from the left.

To play the shooting game, walk to the close curtained stage and hit the switch on the side. After you shoot a couple things you get a life seed.

To play the mouth game, kick the three head(so they donâ€t get squished) into the mouth.

Now walk to the end of the room. Take the ledge on the left and walk up it. Kill the cultist and go into the manager room. There are some fanatics in here. Get all the goodies and shoot the fanatic from the window. Then jump out the window. Shoot the zombies. Shoot the guys in the booths.

To play the 3 bottle game. Shoot all the bottles. You win a ghost.

To play the bottle on shelf game. Shoot all the bottles. You donâ€t win anything. Now go into the freak show. Follow the path and shoot the zombies. For something interesting blow up the cage with the hanging zombie. Then shoot him a few times. Also, notice the weird chanting. "One of us..." Yet again, near the end, notice the moving hand. Thatâ€s an enemy in the registered version. Listen carefully. "Iâ€ll splatter your soul!" You can shoot him through the bars. Then leave the freak show. Go into JOJOâ€s tent. When you go around the corner there will be zombies, cultists, and fanatics on the benches. Shoot them. Now walk to one of the poles. Press the button to go up. Then walk across the high wire. Get the key and come back. Press the button for the elevator to come up. Then go back down. Leave through the spinning door exit. Go right around the corner into the fortune tellers room. Get the Crystal Ball. Follow the steps up and go into the store room. Kill the cultist. Then jump out the window. Kill the cultist at the entrance of the Happy-Go-Pukey! Shoot any stragglers. Shoot the bulls eye on the punch-o-meter. Go around the corner and jump into the trash can. Get the reflective shots and jump out. Go into the building to the right. Go inside and get the key in the ticket booth. Go back outside. A door marked "Storage" next to the punch o meter is open. Go in there and kill everyone. Now go through the door in the back of the room. Follow it up to the train wreck. Kill everyone and get all goodies. Go back out to the Happy-go-pukey and go into the happy-go-pukey. Go around the back and kill the gargoyle. Get the key he drops. Go into the gray brick tunnel marked EXIT. Follow it and kill the fanatics. Go back out and you should be by the mouth game. Go straight and through the doors. Follow the path until you see a bridge blow sky high. After that happens. You have two choices. End the level or go to secret level. To end the level just jump in the water and follow the paths. You will come out to the exit. To go to the secret level. Jump on the pillars until you reach the other side of the bridge. Blow through the crack in the wall and jump in the water. Follow the water path and you come up into the cave. You will see three little symbols. The correct answer is KNIFE - EYE - MOON. Your Done!

Level 5 The Cathedral

At the start of the level walk straight. A tree will be blasted and a zombie or two will pop out. Kill them. Now walk into the gateway(avoid going near the stone statue). Turn left. When you go around the corner there will be a cultist waiting. Be careful and get him too. Turn right. There we be fanatic and cultist at the end of the hallway. Get them. Now continue down those stairs to the two doors. There will be some cultists waiting in ambush on the other side of the doors. Now open them and shoot them. Walk down that passage and open the other two doors. There will be a cultist waiting in ambush. Shoot him. Follow that path until you reach the next two doors. When you open them there is a few cultists to your left and right and two gargoyle dead ahead flying at you. Kill them ALL. Now walk straight and follow THAT hallway. Grab the key. Zombie dead ahead come at you as soon as you get it. Kill them.

For a Tommy gun and dr. bag go in the left door and come back. Then go in the right door. There are two fanatics and a cultist waiting for you. Walk forward to the two doors. There is a gargoyle and a napalm thrower on the other side. Kill the gargoyle and get the napalm thrower. Now go back out and jump on the right ledge. Follow it into a little alcove. Now jump in the water. Follow it until you see a switch. Flip the switch and exit the water the way you came. Once out there will be a zombie waiting for you. Kill him. Follow the stairs. Listen to the mouth. Then move back quickly against the wall that closed where you came up. When he finishes talking, two doors will open left and right. Zombies to the right and cultists to the left. Kill them. Then go into the spot where the cultists where. Open the curtain. Get the goodies and go back down into that main hall. Then go back the way you came in from(from the outside where the tree was burning). On your way there you will see a hall with candles. Hit the switch by a barred door.

Go up to the top of the stairs. There is a zombie in the doorway. There are cultists, fanatics and zombies in that room. Kill them all. Now go through the door into the room with windows. Turn right and open the door, you should now be outside. Walk down the stairs. Kill all the guys out here too. Now walk through the door with the big lion head over it. Get the key by the metal bars.

Now walk down that hall until you see a round button. Press it. Directly to the right of the button a door slides open. Go in it. There are some cultists and fanatics here. Kill them. Go onto the platform thatâ€s a little higher than the other floors. Itâ€s really and elevator. Get the life seed at the top of the elevator but watch out because the statue of a gargoyle turns into one. Then jump down onto the ledge below. Shoot all the guys and jump across to the other ledge. Now follow the hallway until you reach a wine cellar. Kill the zombie but watch out because rats pop out. Now walk onto a little steel platform. Itâ€s an elevator too. Walk off and follow the hallway. Walk into the room with three doors. Listen to the speaker and take the door to the far left next to the burning flame. Walk down the hallway. There will be a fanatic to the direct left at the end of the hallway. Now walk across the bridge to the gate and your done!

Level 6. The Castle

You start off in a cave. Walk down and zombies will come out of the wall. Kill them. Opposite the wall there is a blackish dark area walk right through it. There is ammo. Go back and follow the cave. There will be a bridge. Shoot the cultists on it. Now jump in the water. Follow the underwater passage until you reach a large open area. Go up for air and then back down. Look for a little underwater passage. Follow it. When you come up you should be in front of stairs. If you come up by a ghost then you found the wrong one. Look again. Now go up the stairs. Follow the path. Go across the bridge and hit the switch. A passage opens up and jump off the bridge into it. Go up the stairs to the doors. Go in the doors and kill everyone. Follow the passage. Kill all the guys until you hit a stairway. Go down and follow the passage. You will come into a large open area with alot of stuff in it. Go to the end of the passage to the two doors. Go in them. Follow the passage, go past the stairs. Follow the passage. When you come into something that looks like crypt turn right and go down to the bottom level. Go in the two doors. There are alot of guys. Run across and get the reflective shots orb. Now when they shoot you they die. Now back out and up the small set of stairs. The crypts are open. Go in them. Now go in the open passage and kill all the zombies which pop out. After they are dead another door opens. Go in and get the key. Turn around and go out the side passage. Follow the passage. Now turn left and go the doors with the skull logo. Follow the passage on the other side. When you come to a big passage. Go onto two ledges. There is a switch on two ledges. Once they are flipped go back into the main room. There is a little alcove open with a key in it. Get the key. A large rotunda type thing spins around and guys pop out.

Now go to the wall with the switch with a sun over it. Flip it. Your in a room with alot of fireballs. Follow it until you get to a switch. Flip it and DUCK! Wait for the ride. Now go up the stairs to the switch. Flip the switch and flip the switch inside. Go to the door at the end of the passage. Follow the passage. Now go up the stairs and follow the passage. Get the key and do an about face. Go in the door that opened. Go down the avoid the flames. Flip the switch and go in the door. Follow the passage. Until you get to a big door. Go in it. Follow the passage. Get the key. Kill all the zombies and the doors will reopen. Go down the one you DIDNâ€t come from. Flip the MOON switch. Hop in the teleporter. Press space on the big column. Get the akimbo and kill all the zombies. Hit the switch in the room from where they came from. Kill the cultists. Hit the switch in THEIR room. Kill the the cultists and gargoyles and follow the passage in their room. Your done!

Level 7 The Boss

This is pretty simple. Get some goodies. Walk up the passage and onto the plateau. The boss walks out and you kill him. Get that spanky?

Level 8 The Super Fun Happy Slide

Walk down the cave passage until you are in a field. Walk against and through the trees opposite the gate. Get the Tommy gun and go back out. Go into the mouth. Now Get on the super fun happy slide(thatâ€s what I like to call it). Follow the slide until you reach a gate. Walk on the platform where the zombies are and kill the cultists that pop out. Where they were there is a switch. Flip it. Now follow it but beware, there is a drop that will hurt you. Right before the drop is an elevator you can get on. Get on it. Follow the slide until you get to a big pool. Get the diving suit behind the waterfall and take a swim. Follow the underwater passage until you hit a metal room. There is a switch in the room. Flip it and go in the door to the left of the room which opened. Follow the passage behind that door and surface. Your now in a torture room. Follow the stairs up to the key and come back down. Unlock the door and go in. Go right in the unmade happy fun slide passage and follow it until you reach A wooden door on the right(quite a ways down). Go in the door. Follow the passage into the store room. Go out the window and shoot the wood "x"â€s and jump over the wall. Follow alongside the building. Shoot the barrel and go in the crack. Jump in the water. Follow the underwater passage. Surface and your done!

Episode 2 level 1

When your start out, you are on a boat. Let the boat go to the shore then hop onto the iceberg. Now, right in front of you is a pirate ship. Get onboard by using ice blocks lying around. Once on board, walk down the ship until you come to a big hole in the floor leading to the freight area. Jump into the freight area and kill the cultists inside. There is a key sitting by a box. Now, to get out of here press the switch by the locked door. That will raise a crate(by crane) towards the top. Jump on nearby boxes and then onto the newly raised crate to get out. Follow down the deck until you come to a door with a eye nearby. Go into the one with cultists in a small room on the otherside(not the one with the hallway going down). Follow down the hallway until you reach a TNT barrel in front of the door. Go back and shoot the barrel. Now go in the newly opened(broke open that is) door. Go down into You should have the firekey before going in. Once in the flooded part of the ship, go into the room behind the firekey doors and get the skull key. Now get out of the flooded section the way you came in. Now follow the hall into the mess area. Shoot the guys of course. Walk past the table an go up the hallway. Now that you have the skull key use it on the skull key door. Your now in the captainâ€s quarters. Kill the guys inside and get the moon key off his desk. Now go all they way back up to the main deck. Now go to the back of the ship. You should see a wheel used to drive the ship, press space bar on it. Now jump off the ship to a side(where the explosions just were) and go into the newly opened ice cave. Jump in the small pool of water and follow it. Once out of the water, your at the exit.

Episode 3 Level 1

You start off on a city street. Walk forward and make a right at the first corner. Walk down this road until you come to a door in a building on the left hand side. Go in the door. Go around the corner into the exhibit. Get the spider key and go back to the door you came in from outside. Opposite that door there is a spider key door. Go in that. Go up the stairs until you come to a fire extinguisher. Step back and then shoot it. Now jump from the hole you just made to the one in the opposite building. At this height it is OK if you fall. Once in the opposite building, continue up the stairs. Continue past the bystanders in the room and keep going up! Now your at another whole, you have to do the same thing as before but this counts, you may seriously hurt yourself if you fall. So be careful! Once in the other building keep going up! When you finally get into a stone room with the phantasm, kill him and get the moon key off his body. Now go all the way back down into the street. Down the road there should now be a small whole in the side of a building. Go in it. After you see the bystanders get blown away, go in the whole that was just made by that explosion. Once your in the other building, go into the moon key door. Get the moon key and watch the building across the street get bombed to ****. Now go outside again into the street. Go around the corner to the fire key door. Go inside. Now get up to the second floor, there are two ways to do this, so weâ€ll do it the fun way. Go into the elevator. Flip the switch next to the door. After all the dramatic stuff, go into the new whole in the wall up to the second floor. :D Now jump down and get the skull key behind the door. Go in the door opposite it and go up the stairs. Once in the room, Now go around the over hang until you come to the skull door. Go inside and get the knife key. Now go back around the overhang to the window at the top of the stairs. Blow up the crack with an explosive and jump in the new hole in the building across the street. Go into the knife key door. Your Done!

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Help Center

Where can I get All of Blood?

You can get Blood at any computer retail store which sells and carries it. The price is Aprox. $40 American. Although, you cannot get Blood until after May 23rd, 1997. In some areas, it may be a little longer. Also, you can get Blood direct from GT Interactive!

Why do I have to wait until May 23rd?
Well, Blood is still be developed and duplicated. It is on schedule and should be shipping to stores and people alike May 23rd.

What is a BloodBath game?
That is when you hook your friends computer and yours together and, quite frankly, kill each.

How do we connect?

There are 4 possible ways. One is a local IPX network. If you are one a company network or college(maybe you even own one) network, use this. Two, modem. If you and your opponent have a modem, use this option to play over the phone lines. Three, Null Modem/Serial Cable. If you own some sort of direct link cable, such as a serial port null modem cable, then you may want to use this. Finally, the Internet. You can play over the Internet using a program such as Kali ( or Kahn ( These programs have specialize instructions to get you bathing in Blood over the ol†Internet. For specific instructions on IPX,MODEM,or DIRECT LINK connected, consult the file bloodhlp.txt in you Blood directory.

What is the "Brink of Death"?

That is when you are playing a multi-player Bloodbath and you shoot your opponent so he has very little health left. So little, that he is on the Brink of death. Finish him off or let him sit. Your choice. If you are unfortunate enough to ever be on the brink of death, press spacebar repeatedly to bring yourself back.

Closing Statement

Well, that's it for now. I hope you enjoyed it. If you have questions which you think should be on here, tell me! Please provide an answer too. :) Later!

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