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  The Collection grows - Jan. 22, 2003
Well, my collection has expanded yet a little further, I'll update the picture and list this weekend.  Notable additions include open PAL versions of Blood 2 and The Nightmare Levels addon pack.  Interesting note, Blood 2 PAL contains CD protection, while its NTSC American counter part does not.  Just as interesting, the Nightmare Levels addon is almost completely identical in PAL and NTSC, different by just a few bytes, no protection included, which is strange for it being released after Blood 2.

  Blood Alpha! - Jan. 18, 2003
Thanks to the research of Gila, we no have an Alpha build of Blood from Feb. 1996, available at

  Lending a choking hand. - Dec. 21, 2002

Well, time to get things on the road.  I am now running a mirror for I Live Again's Blood 2 Map collection, you can download it here.  I hope to expand the map collection and complete some Blood, Blood2, and Transfusion pages this holiday season, keep checking back for updates!  Also, Transfusion has a new project forum, the link on the right has been updated.  

  Blood - The Near-Definitive Collection - Dec. 07, 2002
Updated snapshot of my Blood collection.  Direct link to the picture of it is here.  A page with my full collection listings is now up here - also listed in the column to the left.

  Nothing Like The Smell of Napalm In The Monring! - Nov. 19, 2002
Fired up Transfusion with a few handfuls of firkbots on my favorite level, and oh did the blood fly!  I would like to send a HUGE thank you to the Transfusion team.  And for those of you who want to know why, take a look HERE! Opens - Oct. 19, 2002

Well, I've gotten the domain registered and professionally hosted.  All that seems to be left is to build the webpage itself.





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