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Monday, January 23 2006
Wow, been a while! - Cruo (01-23-2006 22:32)

Sure has been a while since I updated this huh? I haven't forgotten about Blood, no true bloodite ever will! I've just been busy lately. Even though I haven't updated the site, I have managed to play Blood a few times in the last year. I bought a new house since the last update and haven't had time to setup the Blood PC until just a few days ago though.

I must have busted the CD player in the move, because it won't read CD's at all. Good thing Blood doesn't require the CD and I was still able to play a bit of Blood the other day. I see there is a new campaign out, so I had to download it on my main PC and then save it to my flash drive to transfer to the Blood PC (after installing the flash drive driver via floppy disk). Retro PC gaming sure is a pain. Hopefully I'll get that one networked in the near future and hit up the Kali scene to see what's going on.

Anyway, to the reason for this update. I added The Stephan Weyte Page! If you don't know who Stephan Weyte is, then look at the Blood credits and you'll realise he is one of the people who made Blood the game that it is. To check out the new page you can access it through the Blood Bank. Or just go directly to it by clicking here.


P.S. It seems this server is setup in a way that you have to clear your cache to view anything new. Otherwise even hitting refresh you'll only see what is already in your cache. I'll look into it.

Monday, April 18 2005
Blood PC - Cruo (04-18-2005 03:41)

I did a little bit more work on my Blood PC. Check it out here. I added a couple of pics of it. Refresh the page just in case.

Been too busy to actually get any Blood play time in, so no reviews this week.

And about site updates, there probably won't be any during the week. All updates will likely be on the weekends, as I'm too busy during the week to do anything.

Sunday, April 10 2005
Frag Fortress reviewed. - Cruo (04-10-2005 22:09)

I put up my first map review. It's a BloodBath map called Frag Fortress. Check it out here.

Updates - Cruo (04-10-2005 15:16)

I updated the Links section, forgot to add the WinBlood forums so I corrected that error. Also added a bunch of working but "dead" Blood links.

Created a help page that answers some of the most common questions users of Blood have. Note that they aren't all my solutions, I took them from various other sources, and gave credit where I could.

Finally I added a couple of files to the Blood Bank.

Saturday, April 09 2005
Blood PC - Cruo (04-09-2005 18:35)

The legacy system I built just to play Blood, using it right now to post this news. Blood PC

Going to be updating the Blood PC page whenever I update the actual Blood PC. It's all put together and working fine, now I just have to work on the cosmetics.

CRUDUX CRUO!!!!! - Cruo (04-09-2005 16:20)

Welcome to Crudux Cruo!

Crudux Cruo is a new site for a classic game called Blood. Even though the site is new, the game isn't, so I wanted the site to look like something out of the 90's. I chose the name Crudux Cruo for the site, because in the Blood universe there is a Cultist language, and Crudux Cruo translates to "Fresh Blood". Fresh Blood is basically what this site is, new content to view for an old game. The site will mostly just contain reviews on different user made maps, but I'll try and make them more in depth, including screamshots and descriptions of the play of the map, instead of just giving the map a rating and moving on with it. I'll also try to throw up some extra little things now and then besides just reviews.