The following utilities will aid you in various aspects of the game of Blood, ranging from front-end loaders to map editing.

Utility Description Download
Mapedit Build Utility for Blood (Monolith) Download
Blood Launcher Small Launch Utility for Blood Download
Blood Trainer Small Trainer for Blood Download
Blood Starter Great utility for starting Blood maps up in either Play or Edit Mode, with Enemies Toggle. We've made a short-cut to this one on our desktops (just drop the .exe into your Blood directory). Download
Build-to-Blood Utility for moving your Duke Nukem or Shadow Warriormaps over into the Blood format. Only the architecture ismoved; textures and hard-coding will need to be redone. Download
Blood Theme Cool Theme for Windows 95 Plus! Pack Download
Blood Midis Midi Files for Blood Download
Ripper 500 Ripper 500 is a program that let you extract different files out of Demos, Games or others and manipulate sound (rff, wav, mid, etc.) or art (jpg, gif, bmp, etc.) files. Download
Goldwave GoldWave⢠is a comprehensive digital audio editor that allows you to play, record, edit, and convert audio on your computer. Download
Blood Font A "blood" true-type font. Download
Blood Palette A "palette.dat" file for Blood art editing. Download

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