Thank You

The Control-Z Blood Site would not exist in it's present incarnation without the generous help and support of several people. As a token of my appreciation, I would like to give a sincere thank you and a deserved round of applause to the following:

Planet Blood A big thank you to the team at Planet Blood for their generous offer to host the Control-Z Blood Site. These folks have been nothing but professional and helpful in seeing this site get developed and on-line. Offering constructive criticism and suggestions, they have motivated me to create the best darn Blood 1 site around.
Steven Clubb (Baytor) Because Baytor was fingered to have a hosted Blood 2 site on Planet Blood, he generously offered me use of all his Blood 1 files. Without hesitation, I took him up on his offer. The information he made available for Blood Weapons, Items, and Enemies, as well as Secrets and Walkthroughs, is superb. Rather than trying to upgrade my files to meet his high standard, with a minor amount of tweaking I incorporated his files directly into this site. As such, this site is a partnership. This site would not be what it is without Baytor offering a great deal of help, suggestions, and valuable information from the other side of the curtain. Thanks again, Steve! Everything is truly appreciated.
Monolith Thanks for an interesting game. Love it or hate it, Blood has captured the imagination of a whole new generation of gamers (as well as us "old-timers" who cut our teeth on the original PONG, SPACE INVADERS, and ASTEROIDS).
Tawnie My wife. She has had to put up with a whole load of my garbage over the years, and not all of it game was related ;->  Thanks, honey. I owe you... BIG TIME.
Ryan & Lindsay My son and daughter. They taught me how to lose gracefully through several hundred hours of game playing together (Duke Nukem, Shadow Warrior, Blood, Doom, Redneck Rampage, Netstorm, Battlezone, Quake, Jedi Knight, etc.)
The Boys Finally, a curse AND a thank you to the boys at TTCX - The Test Company, Cirrus Logic, and Microsoft, who introduced me to the thrills and carnage of network game playing (including Bone, Reaper, FuzzNutz, Jason, Glenn, and Austin). Come Get Some!

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