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The Blood Weekly Update for 10/14/96.

Bloody HR

Craig and Jay spent most of the week playing and touching the shareware maps. Jay modified and finished up most of the Dark Carnival. The House of Horrors and the lumber mill are getting the most attention though, adding lots of stacked 3D areas. The Phantom Express was shortened by one car to make it tighter in BloodBath and single play.

We all got tired of the the player-as-cultist character, so Kevin is working on a new player character model. Those of you who intend to download the shareware version when it's released will just have to bite the bullet because this will probably add another half meg to the download size. The new character really rocks, so once the model is done and digitized we will post some pix just like we did for the Innocents.

More new net code programming, testing and debugging this week. Tweaked some sound code. Started adding all the new sounds for the enemies. For a while the rats sounded like cultists, which was hilarious hearing them yell at you in their death throes.

Bloody HR
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