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The Blood Weekly Update for 5/14/97.

Bloody HR

Celebrating the soon upcoming release of Blood, there is going to be a Monolith Blood Party! Everyone in Monolith will be attending, and it will be an excellent finish to an awesome product. Way to go Blood Team! On the Web, Blood has been getting rave reviews from all the game sites that have reviewed it, including the highest possible rating from Avault. We're very proud to see Blood make its mark on the gaming community, and we are dedicated to supporting Blood in every way possible.. Expect it to start appearing in stores on the 16th!!!

The Shareware 1.0 patch should be out soon. It will include some bug fixes, and add some new effects like blood hitting the ground and shell casings remaining behind.

Work is moving forward on the Blood add-on pack, with Jay already piecing together the episode, Nick working on some new weapon effects, Dan attacking some new and even more vicious monster types, and Kevin providing art for all of us. Craig will be adding his two cents in the level department, but since he is now the project lead for Metaltek he's really got his hands full!

Bloody HR
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