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The Blood Weekly Update for 5/05/97.

Bloody HR

On April 25, 1997 Blood Went Gold!

We shipped the master to GTI and some of us headed out to the Computer Game Developers Conference (CGDC) in Santa Clara, CA.

The Blood Team is back together and will be starting on the Blood Plasma Pak very shortly.

Nick returned from the CGDC where Blood and our team received kudos aplenty. Jay is back from his honeymoon. Craig is working on "MetalTek" but may sneak a map or two into the Pak. Kevin was here all along, and has been moonlighting on Claw. I wonder if Claw will have to be rated M13 now? Dan was here too, but taking a break to be with Tammy (who is now a PhD. Congrats!)

Meanwhile, it's back to the grind. We will soon be releasing a 1.0 patch to update the shareware version to the equivalent registered version -- including more gib features like bouncing shells, blood splats, and more gore...with all new sound fx!

Bloody HR
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