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Blood developed by Monolith Productions & Q Studios. Published by 3D Realms.

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Pack your bags for a long, dark journey into madness.

Blood for blood. They promised many things.Bat

"Faith is the key," they said. "Faith will show you the way." And I believed them because I wanted to believe.

But faith must be proven. I learned that the first time I wrapped my fingers around the haft of the ritual dagger to demonstrate my devotion to the One that Binds. They had not told me about Him, but there would be many lessons in the weeks to come. Unthinkable lessons. And a name to carry like a thorn in my conscience, a name never to be spoken aloud lest He hear me: Tchernobog.

All I've earned by my labor and my sacrifices are more and greater promises. I've carved my soul to shreds in service of the Cabal. What little humanity I retain is corrupted by the Beast, which has grown stronger with every life I've taken. Well, the time has come to sate its appetite and bite the hand that feeds.

Vengeance lies at the end of a long, bloody road through the very estates of the damned. Pity only that I have no greater weapon than this old pitchfork with which to still the rustling of leathery wings and douse the gleam of the eyes in the darkness. But I will exact blood for blood from my adversaries and send them back into the shadows between the world of the living and the land of the dead. This I vow."

Experience the Terror!
Blood will plunge you into a nightmare battle against some of the creepiest creeps this or any other side of the grave. You'll battle rats, bats, spiders, eels, zombies, cultists, gargoyles, hellhounds, and an unholy host of other terrors in your quest to reach the heart of the Dark Domain and stop Tchernobog. It's not enough to bring down the Cabal-you have to eradicate everything it stands for.

Of course, to find the Dark Domain, you'll first have to make your way through fortresses, castles, mines, mansions, and estates guarded and kept by Tchernobog's malevolent servants. Fortunately, it is wits that make the hero, and although you're in serious danger of losing yours, you've got enough left to improvise some pretty effective tools of destruction. Aerosol hairspray can be frightening enough on its own, but apply it to a lighter flame and you've got an instant flamethrower (kids, don't try this at home!). Likewise, a flare gun can brighten your prospects considerably against even the grimmest odds, which is to say nothing for shotguns, Tommy guns, and dynamite. Who knows, you may even find that there are some spirits on your side when you find yourself clutching a voodoo doll. Why not really stick it to them?

Blood Technology! - Building on the Build.
Build, the powerful 3D Realms game engine written by Ken Silverman, boasts some of the hottest features available in a 3D game:

Multi-Player Features
In addition to its terrifying single player mode, Blood features the funniest (you heard us right) head-to-head gameplay available. Take a cigarette lighter and aerosol can to your friends, or ram a pitchfork through their bellies. Wait till you get a taste of BLOODBATH! Play a friend over the modem or hook up as many as eight players over an IPX-compatible network. You can even play over the Internet.

If you prefer cooperative play, join a BLOODBROTHER and show the minions of the Dark God what a couple of motivated badasses can do!

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